Adventure Challenge for Schools™ 2015 : 3 to 7 December 2015

 12 October 2015

Be involved in supporting 8 young people pushing the limits

Stanford Lake College Adventure Racing 2015

“Some of the greatest accomplishments throughout history are marked by our capacity to push through incredible amounts of physical and mental pain to reach new heights and new goals” ( Derek Lauber)

We are excited and proud to announce that Stanford Lake College will be sending two teams to compete in the Adventure Challenge for Schools™ in Zambia from the 3rd -7th December. Preparing for this event takes 4 months of gruelling, dedicated training and racing.

The two teams:


Austin Johnson (C), Sarah Pogrund, Benno Prinsloo, Aidan du Preez


Bryce Reed (C), Reese Bain, Matthew Wilkinson, Casper Venter

Adventure overview

Schools’ Adventure Racing is a team sport where the team consists of four members where at least one should be of the opposite sex. An adventure race consists of different legs that could be made up of hiking, running, kloofing, river crossings, mountain biking, canoeing, swimming, rope work (e.g. abseiling & raft building), rock climbing,  orienteering, special obstacles and tasks that could include environmental assistance to the local community or area where the event takes place.

2015 Adventure Challenge for Schools™

 The 2015 Adventure Challenge for Schools™ will be hosted in Zambia by Ndubaluba Outdoor Centre and Chengelo School. The event will take place in and around the Mulungushi Dam / Gorge area in Kabwe, central Zambia.  A maximum of 12 schools from various countries will be competing. The event will consist of an approximately 200km multi-activity race over 4 days which will include:

  • Mountain Biking: navigation, maintenance
  • Canoeing in Canadian open boats: balance, steering, navigation on water, fast paddling
  • Kayaking: balance, steering, navigation on water, fast paddling
  • Rock climbing / ‘bouldering’: to a basic level
  • Gorge walking: running and hiking through river beds
  • Raft building
  • Rock pool diving
  • Hiking and running: basic navigation using 1:50000 maps (using a compass), hiking with packs
  • Problem solving, initiative and team tests (including first aid challenges)
  • Camp craft cooking on open fire


Stanford Lake College are serious contenders and have been the overall winners for the past two years. We would like to offer you the opportunity to be involved in supporting the Stanford Lake Adventure teams of 2015. Media coverage will be given in the local Tzaneen Newspapers and Facebook.

Sponsorship Options

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Adventure Challenge for Schools™ 2014 : 4 to 7 December 2014

Stanford Lake College once again hosted the annual Adventure Challenge for Schools™ which was held from 4 to 7 December 2014. The event consisted of many disciplines, including rafting, mountain biking, trail running, swimming, kloofing, obstacles, first aid, rope traverse and structure building, to name a few. Teams from Zimbabwe, Zambia, and South Africa went head-to-head over the 4 days.

This year (for a change!) we were blessed with very nice weather for the first two days. The Grand Challenge was over the last two days of the event and was a 120km race. Navigation played a big part in this Challenge. The race started at 04:00 on Saturday morning at the Debegeni turn off, up Forest drive, around the top of Dap Naude dam and eventually back to Stanford Lake College. Here the teams had to do more challenges including tree climbing, Foot orienteering, a kaskar race and raft orienteering.  Three teams finished the first day very close to one another and everything was on the line during the last day. This was make or break for the overall honours! The last morning was a 40km race and the teams pulled out all the stops!

Team Ubuntu from Stanford Lake College finished in 2nd place overall being beaten by their junior team Tshanduko by 23 minutes! The Bushtick Gladiators from Falcon College in Zimbabwe finished in 3rd place.

Stuart Lunt doing the rope traverse   Thsanduko overall winners

Stuart Lunt doing the rope traverse.                               Team Tshanduko – Michael van Zyl, Reese Bain, Bryce Reed

& Matthew Wilkinson

Well done to all the teams who travelled so far to come and compete, especially the Zambian team who were on the road for 3 days to get here. Congratulations to all teams and their seconds, and a huge thank you to all staff, parents and sponsors who helped to make the event possible.

Last but not least, a big thank you to our main sponsor, Trappers, for all the prizes for the various challenge events and activities. Also to Outdoor Medical for the medical standby and all the officials who assisted during the event.

The Adventure Challenge for Schools 2015 will be in Zambia.

The Adventure Challenge for Schools is the premier high schools adventure week in SADC.  Teams from all over SADC joined us for an exciting 4 day challenge, pushing themselves way beyond the ordinary!!


Picture1- Ad. Chalgl for Schls


SLC Limpopo Representatives

Adventure Racing Nationals Report – 2014

Stanford Lake College hosted the SA Schools Adventure Racing Champs on Saturday 11 October. A total of 32 school teams from all over South Africa – as far as Kidd’s Beach and Lilyfontein in East London – came to compete. The event was split into 3 categories:  U/13; U/15 and U/19. The U/13s raced a total of 30km, U/15s covered 60km and the U/19’s course was over a distance of 80km. The races comprised of mountain biking, hiking, obstacle crossings, navigation, foot orienteering, kaskar, raft building, bum slide, swim and a water jump.

The race for the U/15s and U/19s started at 04:00 on Saturday morning, after the race briefing which was held on Friday.

In typical form, the mountain weather for the event was misty and windy which made the visibility very bad. Due to these conditions, the race was a lot slower than planned, with some of the last teams finishing during Prize Giving at 17:00! The U/15 team of Stanford Lake College – team Tshanduko –  did very well and finished in second place overall behind the winners from Helpmekaar College after leading the event for a while! Unfortunately, the senior team – team Ubuntu – had a disappointing race, as they encountered a lot of unlucky mechanical problems, but that is part of adventure racing! Despite this, they showed real fortitude to fight on and still complete the race.

Thank you to all the parents who were seconding and supporting the teams. Despite the foul weather the event was a huge success!   

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IMG1 S_8126   IMG 1 S _8129


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