Educating the whole learner – body, mind and spirit.

Learners at Stanford Lake College are exposed to a host of cultural activities. These include such activities as performing arts, choir, piano, drums, guitar, violin, dance and modelling. Stanford Lake College also runs a weekly culture period where all students choose an activity of their choice each term. A list of these activities is included below:

AP Maths –  Advanced  Programme Mathematics – we are following a syllabus and are teaching during the Clubs and Societies lessons. Exams are written in June and November.  It is for Grade 10-12.

Advanced Program English

Advanced Programme English is similar to A level English and is an examinable subject in Grades 11 and 12.

The theme for 2017’s AP English Programme is “The Danger of a Single Story”, based around the TED Talk of the same name by Dr Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The TED Talk can be viewed here:

Learners study the works of various authors, poets and directors from a variety of different genres and are expected to write a 3 hour IEB exam at the end of their matric year.

Our Monday art club mostly consists of grade 8’s and 9’s. We began art club by an introduction to the Dada art movement and collage. The grade 8’s and 9’s were all encouraged to create their own fun, whimsical and random Dada collage. They had a lot of fun doing it and we got creative results. Our Thursday art club consists of seniors. We started the term off by watching a documentary called ‘Exit through the gift shop”. This documentary tells the story of street art and Banksy. We will further study street art and artists which will eventually lead up to the seniors designing their own street art piece. We are all excited to see what creative ideas the seniors come up with.

The Debating Club is open to all who are interested in current affairs and wish to debate the issues facing us in a rapidly changing world. It has a wide spectrum of subjects ranging from international affairs, technology and robotics to the latest findings in science. It consists of two teams, a senior and a junior side who take part in the yearly Mayor’s Cup Debating competition

Current Affairs looks at topical news, mainly local economic and political in nature, for discussion. Pupils volunteer opinions which sometimes leads to lively interactions. The staff member will try to ask probing and provocative questions too.

The environmental club is a club where we care about our environment by pulling out wattles, planting grass, collecting paper from classrooms for recycling.  We are learning more about identifying animals, grasses and trees. Learners at school will also be made aware of the environment and how to help to preserve it.

The Stanford Lake College Fly Fishing Club aims to promote all aspects of Fly Fishing and Fly tying to student members. The club is affiliated to the Haenertsburg Trout Association (HTA) with all student members automatically affiliated to the local club. Stanford Lake College is blessed to access to numerous waters, including our own lake which is regularly stocked with Trout. Those members who choose to join the Fly Tying Club meet twice a week, during Clubs & Societies’, to learn about entomology and the latest fly tying techniques. The members of the Fly Fishing Club have numerous opportunities throughout the year to receive casting tuition from the countries leading fishermen as well as to learn about conservation, stream and boat etiquette amongst other things. The Stanford Lake College Fly Fishing Club has a proud tradition of Provincial selection to the Limpopo Fly Fishing team with numerous past Stanford students also achieving National recognition at the annual Interprovincial tournaments. The Fly Fishing Club caters for students of all standards from beginners through to National Representatives.

The chess club is not just for the chess veterans, but for people interested in learning the game too! It gives its members a chance to play against wide variety of players, and learn new strategies to improve their game.

  Haenertsburg Interact Club – District 9400Is a “Junior Rotary” club based at Stanford Lake College. The club inspires pupil leadership development by encouraging pupils to run school / community projects that are service based. The Rotary motto is: Service above Self. Because Interact is Rotary based, it offers a broader community (local and international) in which pupils can engage.

The crochet club is a beginner group that is learning the gentle skill of handcraft with crochet hooks and wool. The goal this term is a scarf!

 “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others” – Mahatma Gandhi, 1869

Here at Stanford Lake College we are passionate about service as it can teach us as a school so many values of life. Stanford is part of the Round Square community, which leans very strongly on the Community Service pillar. We have acted passionately on various areas of need in our community. We have collected money for a home in Polokwane which looks after disabled people. Every year we collect Christmas presents for children in the schools in our community – these are very often the only presents that some of these children receive for Christmas. We also do service for nature by rehabilitating the grasslands on parts of our campus and try to extract as many wattles as we possibly can. We involve the students in every project in order to teach them about the organisation of these projects, about the joy one creates for others, and most importantly, the feeling of accomplishment after a successful project. All of this prepares students for citizenship, so they too, can start and complete their own projects after school.

The kayak club focuses on teaching the kids to operate and paddle on white-water safely. We aim to teach the fundamentals of advanced paddling and rolling, as well as river and safety procedures. The goal is to have as much fun as possible on the water while helping each other to improve our skills. The river is our happy place and we like to get there as much as possible.

Facing the giant, overcoming your fears and reaching for the top; that is what the rock climbing club is about. Discovering the art of climbing, using your body as the brush and the wall your canvas. We aim to teach proper climbing technique and safety involving rope skills and site management. Having fun in the outdoors whilst challenging yourself and pushing the limits of your own expectation is the goal, and we support each other in our adventure to the top.

Stanford Lake College offer golf as a sport and also as part of the Clubs and Societies. We have a golf coach that comes through on Mondays to do coaching. We also participate in the Limpopo School series where we play against other schools in our circuit. We also play against St.Dunstans and Beaulieu College as part of the derby weekends against them.

Stanford Lake College strives to offer our learners a well-rounded education. As part of our Clubs and Societies slot we offer Drama lessons to help our students prepare sufficiently for the Eisteddfods that come around annually.  Mr Swann also offers an opportunity to our students to take part in the annual London Trinity Speech and Drama exams. He offers these lessons privately and has had great success for the last three years. Our aim with the drama is to prepare our students to be confident speakers in every aspect of their lives. In our club, we recite poems, we act, we express feelings and opinions to boost confidence and self-esteem.  It is an ultimate aim for the pupils to have fun and bond through collaborations and group activities.  We enrich ourselves by studying behaviour and emotion and how to express ourselves in an artistic manner.

The Bikini Body Guide (also known as BBG) is a twelve-week bikini body workout plan written by Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines. Working out will not make you ‘big’ or ‘bulky’ like a man, that’s a busted myth! In KAYLA, the 12 week guide, we outline the best ways to workout, in under 30 minutes per session. The program consists of 7-minute circuits with 4 exercises in each. Each workout consists of two rounds of two different circuits. This in total means 4×7 minute rounds= 28 minutes. In between each circuit you can have 30-90 seconds rest as you need.

The Percussion Club consists of a Marimba Band and Drumming Group. Musical knowledge and skills are enhanced by both these activities. Public performances contribute to a healthy cultural environment at Stanford Lake College.

Conversational Afrikaans are for student who would not normally speak Afrikaans and it helps them to converse in a more confident manner. Daily topics for the day is discussed.

First Aid Club is both practical and theory based. The club focuses on the anatomy of the human body and injuries that can take place in everyday life activities. At every session, we have a look at new injuries and review the methods of treating the injuries and place them into a scenario, where the students then perform the practical part of treating the injury.

3G is a new club headed by Larema Rix, Mari Mari Pieterse and Emma Thompson. 3G stands for Girls, Gathering and God. The aim of the club is for girls to gather and discuss relevant issues ranging from faith and social media to relationships. While Biblical principles are the basis for the discussions, all girls from all faiths are welcome.

At Stanford Lake College all the Grade 8 students share in the joy of choral singing. They sing in a variety of styles and languages, and in the process they practice discipline, teamwork and develop respect for other cultures. Public performances enhance confidence and build self-esteem among the choristers.

music Private music lessons are presented on a daily basis. Apart from learning to master the instruments, the students also take written and practical examinations at international level. Musicians have the opportunity to showcase their talents at the annual music concert.