A home away from home

Boarding schools offer a positive platform for social development and individual growth within a secure and structured environment where individuals are recognised and nurtured for who they are. Stanford Lake College boasts day scholar house and five boarding houses, where each house is supervised by a senior house parent who has a residence attached to the boarding house. International exchange students add a different and distinctive flavour to the boarding houses. Seventy five percent of learners at Stanford Lake College are boarders. The boarding houses are modern and comfortable and every effort is made to ensure that your child’s time at the College is both happy and productive. The day scholar house allows day scholars a place to relax and do homework while waiting for their transport. Stanford Lake College offers both weekly and termly boarding opportunities. Weekend activities are arranged for termly boarders.

S Friedrichs

Mr S Friedrichs

Director of Boarding

Founders Boys boarding houses

Founders North and South are boarding houses accommodating boys at Stanford Lake College. There are four resident staff members responsible for pastoral care of the boys including a House Mother.

Housemasters aim to establish a personal relationship with the boys and offer the appropriate support where required. The junior boys live in 4 bedded rooms and move to 2 bedded rooms as seniors. Structured prep time when the boys do homework and study at their desks in their rooms, is supervised. North and South both have Common rooms where the boys are able to watch television, play games and make use of the kitchenette. The boys have access to wifi in their boarding houses.

Boys and girls are able to socialise at mealtimes in the dining hall and in appropriate areas on the school campus during free time. Housemasters on weekend duty organise activities and excursions for our ‘long distance’ and across border boarders who remain on the campus during weekends.


Rugby, Assistant Housemaster


HOD Life Orientation, Leadership Development


House Master: Founders Juniors, Afrikaans


Assistant Housemaster, Accountancy

Lakeside boarding house

Lakeside is the smallest of the three girls’ boarding houses, but it is by no means the smallest in character or personality. Named for its spectacular view of our lake, Lakeside is a home away from home for our weekly boarders. As our colour purple represents, we are a house that promotes compassion, understanding, individuality, creativity and positive attitudes.

The common room is the heart of the house and our “Lakeside Ladies” love to meet here to discuss their day, catch up on news from the weekend or watch a movie. Lakeside is run by two committed house parents who ensure that the rhythms and routines of the house are always to the benefit of our young ladies’ development.


Housemistress, Sciences


Assistant Housemistress, HOD English, Round Square Representative

Ken Shuter boarding house

Ken Shuter is a boarding house for girls, and is named after the late Ken Shuter, a remarkable man and founder teacher.

Ken Shuter is home to 34 weekly boarders from grade 8 – grade 12 and is a vibrant place with a friendly and homely atmosphere. The girls are cared for by two housemistresses who are responsible for their well-being. The housemistresses also provide supervision during prep sessions.

The boarding house has a comfortable common room where the girls can relax and socialise during their leisure time. Fond memories and lifelong friendships are formed at Ken Shuter.


Assistant Housemistress, System Administrator & CAT Teacher


Housemistress, Creditors Clerk

Serala boarding house

Serala is a girl’s termly hostel that is situated near the lake. We pride ourselves in comradeship and love for one another. This is not just a boarding house but a home. We have a loving House Mistress who is always there to take care of all our needs.

We have a fitted common room where everyone in this boarding house comes together at the end of the day to relax and share quality time with one another. Bonding and sisterhood are the most important ideals that we uphold in our Serala Home.




Assistant Housemistress, HOD Science


Resident Tutor, Head of Girls Sport, Life Orientation, Physical Education