Welcome to Stanford Lake College, a school like no other.

During my life I have travelled to many beautiful places, but not many compare to the sight one beholds when one arrives on “the mountain”. This is a place where rolling natural grasslands, indigenous forests and pine plantations rest alongside lazy mountain streams and alpine-style lakes. It is on one of these stunning mountain lakes that Stanford Lake College nestles comfortably into the mountainside. It is a place where each child is valued for his or her own sake and where all pupils are encouraged to explore their own talents whilst investing in the ideals of the Round Square organisation. Stanford Lake College provides a safe home away from home where young people can escape the stresses of modern day living, and enjoy developing their individual talents in an environment which nourishes them both physically and emotionally. Stanford Lake College staff have a deep commitment to developing young people into positive, independent thinkers who understand the important role they have to play, not only in our beautiful country, but also as global citizens on our ever shrinking planet. Although academic rigour plays a large role in our ethos at Stanford Lake College it is our engagement with the great outdoors that sets us apart from other schools. There are many opportunities for pupils to foster the love of the outdoors, whether it be on our campus or during one of our numerous treks in the surrounding Wolkberg. All we do as educators is with a single intention –  to create robust and adaptable young people. Stanford is a place where every achievement, however small, is noticed and celebrated. A place where every young person has a central role to play in the greater successes of our school. We hope that you will visit us one day and come and see for yourself what an inspiring community to which we all have the privilege of belonging. Warmest Regards, Craig Carolan Mr. Craig Carolan