Academic Awards Grade 10 – 11


The following students received Academic Half colours and Full Colours Grade 11

Left to right:  Casper Venter (half), Melike Naude (Full), Anneri Thom (Full), Lebo Rachidi (Full), Robin Lacey (Half) and Emma Melville (Half)

Academic Honours (White Blazers) Grade 11 (Average og 85% and above):

Front:  Lara Dando

Back Left to right: Ledile Kgopong, Helene Werhahn, Luka Spies, David Pullinger (1st in class with average of 92,6%) , Sinead Linder and  Shaakira Hassim


Academic Half and Full Colours Grade 12:

Left to right half colours: Fatima Essa, Mohammed Ramiz Rhemtula and Anya Robinson. Absent: Lesedi Motumi –(full colours 80% and above)

Academic Honours (White Blazers- 85% and above) – All re-awards:

Left to right: Faisal Saleem, Christian Schmidt, Mathabo Malesa and Muzzammil Cassim 1st in class with average of 88,4%)