On Friday the 10th November, Stanford Lake College took on the 100km Full Moon Adventure Race, held at Francolin Creek in the Free State. This race tests participants’ limits to the extreme! Stanford entered 3 school teams in the race: “Tshanduko” consisting of Matt Wilkinson, Emma Melville, Danica Altenroxel and Ani Gutierrez-Hernandez; “Brothers in Arms” pair of David Pullinger and Casper Venter; and “The Badgers” team with Owen Venter, Reuben Middleton, Lia Revelas and Andreas Hacker. The teams raced hard, competing against all the senior teams in the field. In the end “The Badgers” came 11th and “Tshanduko” 10th in the 100km mixed 4’s category, racing for about 15 hours non-stop. “Brothers in Arms” finished 2nd in the male pairs event, racing for 14 hours. Well done to the all teams for the amazing effort. Stanford also had staff competing with Mr Willson and Mr Fullard racing for “Red Ants” who finished 3rd in the mixed 4’s event. Stanford really showed some grit this weekend!



L to R:

Matt Wilkinson, Emma Melville, Ani Gutierrez-Hernandez, Danica Altenroxel

“The Badgers”

L to R:

Lia Revelas, Owen Venter, Reuben Middleton, Andreas Hacker